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When it comes to testing website or app, there are various services related to design.

View the benefits of having real-human tester

1. Flexibility and Adaptability: Manual testing allows testers to adapt quickly and easily to changes in requirements, design, or functionality. It is ideal for exploratory testing, where testers can actively investigate and find new issues that may not have been identified by automated tests.


2. User Experience Evaluation: Manual testing provides the opportunity to evaluate the user experience from a human perspective. Testers can monitor user interactions, gather feedback, and assess how intuitive and easy-to-use the application is. This helps in identifying issues or areas that may require improvement for better user satisfaction.


3. Visual Checks: Manual testing allows testers to perform visual checks and ensure that the application's visual elements, layout, and styling are rendering correctly across different devices, resolutions, and browsers. This ensures a consistent and visually appealing user interface.


4. Real-Time Test Execution: Manual testing allows testers to identify and report issues immediately, as they are executing the tests. Testers can provide detailed feedback and collaborate with developers, leading to quicker bug resolutions and faster overall time to market.


5. Complex Scenarios: Certain scenarios, such as complex business rules, edge cases, or non-repetitive tasks, can be challenging to automate effectively. Manual testing allows testers to handle these scenarios with ease, ensuring thorough testing coverage.


6. Cost-Effective: Manual testing can be a cost-effective solution, especially in the early stages of an application's development. Automation setup and maintenance can be time-consuming and expensive, whereas manual testing requires minimal initial investment.


7. Continuous Learning and Improvement: Manual testing provides an opportunity for testers to interact with the application directly, learning about its functionalities and potential pain points. Testers can gain valuable insights that can be used to suggest enhancements and improvements for future iterations.

Below are the Design related options we provide :

When it comes to design, , there are various services.

View the benefits of having web design by google

1. User-friendly interface: Google Sites offers a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to create and maintain their websites, without needing advanced technical skills.


2. Integration with other Google tools: Google Sites seamlessly integrates with other Google products, such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, allowing you to easily embed content from these tools into your website.


3. Collaboration: As a cloud-based platform, Google Sites facilitates collaboration among team members. Multiple users can collaborate on a website, making it easier to work together and keep the content up to date.


4. Customizable design options: Google Sites provides various customizable templates and design options, allowing you to create a website that suits your branding and style preferences.


5. Mobile-friendly: Websites created with Google Sites are automatically designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that your site looks and functions well on different devices, including smartphones and tablets.


6. Free hosting: Google Sites offers free hosting for your website, so you don't have to worry about finding and paying for a separate hosting service.


7. SEO optimization: Google Sites follows best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for your website to rank higher in search engine results pages.


8. Security and reliability: Google Sites is hosted on Google's infrastructure, which is known for its security and reliability. This means your website files are stored and protected by Google's robust infrastructure.


Remember, while Google Sites is a user-friendly option to create basic websites, it may have limitations compared to more advanced web design platforms.

Below are the PLUS related options we provide :

Plus, there are various services.

having QR Code and its usefullness

1. User-friendly and convenient to use.


2. Provides easy and quick access to the information.


3. Provides increased engagement.


4. Provides contactless transactions.


5. Valuable tool for individuals, businesses and government alike.

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